Celebrate Life – For It Starts From Within

 A day is just another day unless you give life to it. To realize that importance of life is to acknowledge, honor and be thankful for the same, I can sum up all this in one word FESTIVE. To be Festive is to celebrate life, now I realize sitting in a foreign land away from my folks the true meaning of a festival.

Absence of light is darkness, in one way absence of knowledge and being ignorant is also darkness, I was in one such dark cloud of doing things for the sake of doing it rather than doing it wholeheartedly, I was that person who wished people because they wished me, You know it all ended up as behaving human rather than being human.

I can say that the day being celebrated as Deepavali back at home has lighted up a cracker on my damp brains too. On a frank note, I was one among the million who felt a festival is nothing but an extra holiday to laze around with some goodies.

Now I realize the other perspective where celebrating a festival opens up other delightful aspects of life. The very basic aspect to rejoice the people in your life, to spend a minute or so to appreciate the relationship and to wish them all good from the special day forward. I guess that is what well-being is all about when you have an extra shoulder you be more than what you can be.

Today as a traveler in this far away land from home, when my cellphone buzzed with a text from my dear Dad, it left me in awe. He was one such person who never texts or tries to communicate or anything for that matter unless you poke, he walked that extra mile only to make me realize that a festival is not just a holiday, it is a day to celebrate the people around you, to be thankful for what you are, to touch the lives of other people with happiness, to give them another memory, another smile, and another day to remember.

What my dad wished for his daughter, I sent across the same warmth to all those people who mean something to me. Even without lighting a thousand lamps or bursting crackers or indulging in sweets and savories, I have truly celebrated today. 

Celebrate Life..Celebrate The People Around You..!! And yes Happy Deepavali Appa..!!


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