Prague – Architecture – Night Life – A City of Sensation..!!

I traveled far across..fearless..To know the world that owns me and to know the world I own in the need was strong this discover deep within..!!
Prague aka Praha, an architectural Czech marvel, a city of beauty and beer, it is sure to turn your heart inside out some way or the other. I did no research, no casual conversations about what the city holds, for I wanted to know it all by myself as a wanderer in the streets of Prague.
Well it was a long drive from Stuttgart to reach Prague. I drove, for I know only that and I fell in love more and more with myself as the whole affair with the car was seducing like never before..!! And on a lighter note, you sure can step on the white markings in road, and if caught by cops never worry just make sure you have your passport and puppy face on..he will leave you, after failing in his attempt to make you understand Czech. But a road trip to Prague gives you one more herculean task, it is one congested and cramped city and finding a parking spot is like walking to the moon. You might end up driving for three hours like us to find one.
There are certain things that make PRAGUE stand tall, some come for the BEER, some for the night life, some for eating sausage (honestly eating one at 01:00 am makes you a local here). But for me, I could say that the prime reason to visit this city was to jump from the skies as life was getting pretty mundane for all the right reasons. I will not say that it was on my to do list or bucket list or anything of that sort. My initial catch was the drive, as it was a road trip, then a friend asked me like we are hitting the city want to dive ? and I just blurted out an yes and never gave it a second thought.
The fact that am going to jump from 14000 feet never sunk in, yes I was that insane, honestly I was too laid back to even give a thought about it. As you reach there, you will just have a ten min instruction session where they tell you to wear your pants tight, empty pockets, what to do, what not to do, and to wear the dirty suits given by them, nothing like the ones that give you feel like an astronaut but definitely like the one that makes you feel like you emerged from a gutter all dirty and torn. But truth to be told I was excited too much to notice all of it.
There we went straight into the skies for say twenty mins. The instructor with whom I was to do the jump was munching on his sandwich ignoring my hello, he was that cool guy. But me like I inhaled a dose of Nitrous oxide, I was on sort of a laughing spree with continuous giggles for no reasons. The fact that I was not at all thinking about the dive, left me without even a tinge of fear and I was completely on the loose only to enjoy it like never before.

The dive is for nearly 7 mins with a free fall of one min at a speed of 200 km/h and then you cruise down the sky for 6 mins, an enticing addictive experience for sure. Once the door opened, before I realize I was falling down the sky and next thing my ears ache terribly, my eyes were full of tears and face packed full of air, the instructor was hitting on my hands to open it up and I never understood it until I came to my senses. Once I open out my arms, so did my heart, Then the parachute opens, as we start cruising down, I sure drifted into a seventh heaven. By then the only sound that reached my aching ears was the flapping of the parachute.

Birds eye view of the realm you live, 
A calm and silent locale..
As you drift you realize..
The world sure is a beautiful place,
And what you desire It exists and 
It is all Real and Alive.

Somewhere between the moments.
where the wind was whining in my ears..
my eyes freezing at the sight of the world down below..

The silence of nature engulfed in me,
The beauty of mother earth consumed in me.

Not that I intended to but yet
I search the one in me 
as the aura of my existence demands it..

As I descend down, slow and steady, 
the Invisible voice in me calls
and the NAME reverberates in my nerves..
for that is my strength and
I found it in my Seventh Heaven..

I can only say it was an one hell of an adrenaline rushing mystical experience that is too damn addicting and alluring. It was one day, where I drive amidst countries for the first half and then I cruise down the sky in the second half, all that now a beautiful memory.
The next day was when I explored the city, architecture at its best, beauty oozing out of every inch I should say..just like on the tourist destination list, I did visit the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and Astronomical clock..all knitted close by and could be covered by foot. The best thing to tour is to do it by foot as you spend more time to take it all in. 

And on the dot, honestly I couldn’t comprehend how the astronomical clock works. 

Astronomical clock

Church of St. Ludmila at Náměstí Míru (Peace square) and Tyn Church, National museum all of them, in common, guess has a lot of history,  yet cathedrals are always a holy and serene place, but honestly, they failed to make me feel pious. 

What attracted me is the two city squares in the city. The old town square and Wenceslas Square is the prime spot where I found life. It sure did made me feel like I am a part of something. Wenceslas square yet gave me a different encounter from old town square, full of shops and busy people.
Wenceslas & Old town Square
In the Old Town Square, there were lot of various performers and it was a display of art shindig like the old times, altogether definitely a different perspective of performing arts.

Old Town Square
True to the word, Prague doesn’t sleep, city flips life from dusk till dawn. For the night owls it will be one hell of a place. Pub crawl, Stag nights, Quick shots, and sure to the word WHAT NOT. Though Take it Easy or Get Consumed..Stands true. But the night life, I enjoyed was 10 friends huddled up together, cooking pasta, sipping a drink or two in the terrace under the night sky, with a midnight stroll on the streets of Prague and most importantly laughing my heart out like nothing else mattered at that instance.

On the list of things, you shouldn’t miss, from the streets of Prague is Trdelnik, a traditional cake and sweet pastry, and of course a sausage from Wenceslas square and a mug of Czech Beer would definitely complete your culinary exigency. 

Prague was a wrap of myriad experiences, of course the city I saw from skies and it did not fail to increase my Wanderlust.
A Pint of Prague Wisdom 🙂

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