Which one would you Seek in a Twilight – HER Bloom or HER Gloom or HER Beauty Within??

Twilight beholding her Bloom & Gloom..!!


I tear… I smile..
I bleed… I live..
I scar… I love..
I am alive… I am a Women..
And that is my strength.
I live between the pages..
A sassy Wildflower may be..
My blooming spirit stuck, between my wild musings..
Whereas my savvy mind,swirls in the inevitable reality..
Yet two halves make one nefarious Life.
What do you seek??
Beneath my fearless guise..
White lies or my naive candour..
Am i all that,
That i appear to be??
With my blue inked secrets..
There is fire in my tattered soul..
A fire of zeal and love..
Zeal is mine, Love is HIS.
And Yes, I am a Wild heart thriving on HIS Stardust..
For I am what I am..!!

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