A Midsummer Night on a Ferris Wheel..!!

What is life, without broken memories and patched up dreams, we do find life in the simplest of things, when we run wild, in this world with a beautiful stance. Other than the life, that we live, sometimes there is more magic in the life that we live inside our eyes.. Isn’t it ..??




When the moon peeped at sundown,
The stars transpired to spangle the nightfall..
The spectacle ain’t complete without
the Ferris Wheel..!!

With some squeak and tweak..
It was all perked up,
Up and down and roundabout..

Hands on embrace..
With no words in the breeze,
There was a tale blooming in harmony with the silent night..

Euphoric it was, at the top of the wheel,
When he sealed the moment..With a kiss and a grin..
As the wind whistled in my ears, so did my fluttering heart,
And there went an another secret right into my SOUL..!!


Life is like the ride on a Ferris wheel, Up and down and roundabout, ain’t it ??
Take the ride…Fall in love…Stop the ride on top of the world…When the world freezes under the night sky…giving you a moment, far from the worlds cry…and you there, riding with the one who makes the ride worth…What would you do to make it count ??


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