03:00 AM – The Bubble of My Ethereal World

I am both deafened by the silence of my surroundings and by the noise within my mind

03:00 AM

I maybe YOU and YOU maybe I, 

and all the WRONGS may be RIGHT and RIGHTS maybe WRONG.  

For all that there is, this is my World,

and all I want is within Me. 

May be this is only about Us, 

Between the pages of Reality and Illusion,

We maybe Stuck or we may end up Somewhere,

or We being We, can restart the game to give it an another go. 

Whatsoever the Path is,

at the end we realise,

Life is all about LOVE,

and nothing More or nothing Less..!!

Oh Yea now it is 03:00 am and Yes I LOVE you..!!

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