I Climbed a Hill..!!

Sounds bizarre ain’t it ?? I never imagined I would say this or do this just like my sky diving adventure. But credits to the man in my life I did it because of him and I am so elated now about the whole experience. We recently went to Bali – Indonesia and I don want to ramble on our whole travel experience as there is already too much information on the net for fellow travellers, Instead I just wanted to pen down the experiences of my one day where I thought it was the end of my life 😀

So we landed in Nusa Penida with a two day plan and started with diamond beach. We hired a motorbike and off we went towards diamond beach, a bumpy ride to begin with and my joints started to twinge now and then. Thanks to the pandemic I hardly move around at home and the scooter ride itself encountered as a major adventure for me. After flying around the pillion seat we reached and I was so mesmerised by the view below, that instantly I wanted to go down. 


To be honest from the top it looked like it was a just a staircase and a cake walk to the beach below, but what started like that ended in no path and the last 100metres was just jump over the mountain to get down. Since I came all the way till there somehow I made it to the beach with little scratches here and there. But I swear it was all worth it, you get rewarded with white sandy beach and turquoise waters, it is one of the most beautiful beach I have set foot in my life. 

It was nothing less than a google featured photo in smart TVs, the cherry on the cake was less humans because not everyone wants to trek down.  Just visiting diamond beach made my body ache like I have been kicked and so I called it quits for next day’s plan that is Kelingking beach trek, the most famous iconic T-Rex Beach. To convince myself not to do it, I was seeing lots of YouTube videos and told my spouse let us not do it, it looks so dangerous and tough and I thought I convinced him and I was at peace.


We decided or at least I thought we decided we just visit the viewpoint  take pictures and comeback, we reached around 12pm and the view from top was fascinating, even though it was crowded, the view was such that you couldn’t take your eyes off, we spent around an hour seeing the view from different view points. From the top the trekking route and the path down to the beach looked impossible and terrifying to cover, it simply looked not doable for me. I was already little exhausted from yesterday’s little adventure and the weather was so hot as well, So I just wanted to leave and have lunch. 

And when we were about to leave, he mentioned lets go till the start of staircase to the beach and see the view and go back, I told alright fine as long as he didn’t ask to trek down its all good and went along. This boy then said lets go just little more and come back and then it turned into we came till here lets try to go down, standing in the middle of the trekking route I was confused if I could do it and I didn’t want to disappoint him and thought ok let me try. It started off well and then it turned tooo steep and I was feeling so anxious seeing down below.

Five mins down the sun was so brutal and heat was taking a toll on me. The path is actually too narrow and its not exactly a path its just carved out in the middle of the mountain with little stones jutting around, which could be used for foot hold and there is a rickety bamboo fence railing, that’s the only kind of fencing or safety available around the path but if you put your weight down am sure it would give way. Some difficult places where there was no path had a rope dangling to turn you into Tarzan. The path is so narrow and unlike diamond beach there were lot of people climbing up and going down and people were piling up on both directions to cross and it takes effort to give way because only one can cross over at a time and the other has to perform some monkey tricks to hold on.

I started getting tired and the sun was making it even harder for me that I couldn’t keep up and I couldn’t stop as well as there were people waiting on top of me to trek down. 10mins down I started cursing my husband for putting me through this and 12mins down I started cursing myself for getting married and coming along for this trek and much more. I wanted to give up so badly and I just kept going only because when I looked up there were people waiting to climb down and  I was holding the path and I did not want people to curse me too.  The stones and rope and everything around was too hot to touch and at one point not knowing what to do anymore, i gave up trekking and started sliding down the path holding on to the rope, by then my husband understood I lost it all 😀

Mid way down I lost all senses, I couldn’t hear I did not want to talk and when I looked down I thought maybe I will let go and maybe this is the end , this is how it feels before dying and what not 😀 as the distance to beach became closer I was almost at the verge of fainting maybe due to the heat and the last part was a rope ladder from the mountain to the beach and me being too short I couldn’t reach it, I was just dangling around trying to reach it and I was close to tears by then not knowing what to do and that’s when one foreigner came running towards me to help me, He guided me by holding my feet and getting me down. I am realising now that I didn’t look at his face or thank him, because my body gave up once I came down and I just crawled in four feet to the side and blacked out completely.

I am usually a person overloaded with OCD but there I was lying in the sand among some trash unable to move or open my eyes. My spouse was turning all guilty for making me do this and he was constantly helping me to regain my strength. He gave me some water and fanned me to normalcy. After lying in the sand for an hour in shade I was able to come back to my senses and I really couldn’t understand what happened or how I managed to come down, and then I was gripped with fear on how will I climb back.

But I convinced myself I could do it, and we spent some time in the beach to relax further, and after a while as the sun was little low, we started climbing up and hard to believe but it was easy compared to coming down, the path is completely steep so you just have to bring out the inner Tarzan in you to trek. honestly if you ask me the view below is not so fantastic compared to the view from top or to the one in diamond beach, still lot of people come down just for the thrill of it. It is of course a beautiful beach but still the trekking part is what makes it a whole experience.  I know I suffered and strained myself a lot and even though it was difficult and it made me anxious all the way, it turned out to be a lifetime experience it reminds me never to give up and that I will find the way eventually. There are things in life that looks scary and hard but when we do it, it hits a different kind of high.

After reaching to the top and to see from the top and to just realise I climbed all the way down and up alive and kicking was so surreal and unbelievable for me. Just wanted to add of course I spent the next day in bed recovering from this stunt I put myself through. And Nusa Penida you have my heart and someday maybe I am willing to do this again 🙂 The say when we leave this earth our best memories play up as a recap in our final moments if that’s really true then this is one such memory I will cherish for this lifetime. 


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